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Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff and Newport, South Wales

Do you need to pass your driving test quickly? Or maybe you need a refresher course right before your driving exam. At Red Dragon Driving School, our Learn to Drive in 5 Days intensive driving course is perfect for anyone learning to drive on a tight timeframe. With a pass rate over 85%, our intensive driving courses help gain the confidence, experience, and expertise you need to pass your driving test. 
With over 40 years of experience teaching people how to drive, you can be confident that you are in safe hands. Learning to drive with Red Dragon Driving School means learning with one of our friendly, qualified, and experienced franchised instructors. Our team of driving trainers can provide everything from hourly lessons to daylong intensive driving courses with training times tailored to suit you. All of our intensive, 5-day Learn to Drive courses are available in manual or automatic vehicles which are dual controlled for your safety.
Intensive Driver Training Specialists
Learning to drive is different for everyone. That’s why our intensive 5-day driver training courses at Red Dragon Driving School are specifically tailored to help you pass your driving test. We will cover all the basics plus home in on what techniques and skills you need to work on to take the test with confidence. 
Our 5-day intensive driving courses are designed for you to obtain your driving license in the quickest, cheapest, least stressful way possible. Courses are usually 4 hours of driver training per day plus one hour before your test, plus the use of the vehicle for your test. 
We know everyone’s journey to driving looks different. That’s why we’re happy to tailor your intensive driver training course specifically to what you need in order to pass your driving test the first time. We’re happy to book your driving test for you to ensure the best possible date to suit your training course. If you have any questions about our intensive driving training course or want to book a Learn to Drive in 5 Days course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Red Dragon Driving School today on 029 2039 4387. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learn To Drive In 5 Days

The intensive driving training courses from Red Dragon Driving School have been specifically designed for people who want to pass their test in the shortest possible time and for minimum cost. Our intensive driving courses include:

  • 4 hours driver training per day for 4 days
  • 1-hour pre-test tuition
  • Use of the vehicle for your test
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Home and workplace pickups

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